About us

Atelier Dentelles is the official "boutique" of Jean Bracq lacemaker. It is the product of a long family tradition, since 1889, and the passing down of a unique know-how.

The company, founded in 1889 in Caudry, in the North of France, creates and makes exceptional leavers laces for its prestigious customers, laces that are used by famous fashion Haute Couture houses the world over.

Our leavers laces bear the "Dentelle de Calais-Caudry" label, exclusively created for and borne by our Leavers lace.

We carry, in this shop, a wide selection of laces, sold by the meter, chosen from among our most successful styles, as well as a large range of products made with lace such as lace ready to wear, accessories, decoratives objects and more.